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C-CLEAR-1 Standard package order name Dental Microscope

Technical parameters:

1. Optical system: Apochromatic optical system

2. Zoom range: gears zoom,

3. 2x/5x/8x/12. 8x/20X 3. eyepiece: 12.5x wide-angle eyepiece,

diopter+6~-6D high eye point, suitable for operators with glasses

4. binocular tube: 0-180° angle adjustable, f170mm

5. objective lens: fixed focus lens: f= 250mm Zoom objective lens: f=200-300mm(optional)

6. lighting system: LED bulb, adjustable brightness center illumination is 30000-50000LX

7. handle: double handle angle adjustable


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1. Apochromatic optical system design

2. high-quality imported optical lens, multilayer nano-optical coating

3. 5-speed magnification

4. lighting using color rendering index of more than 95%of imported LED bulb.

5. Microscope support using optimized mechanical structure design

6. Germany imported gas spring.

7. high-quality imported Medical mute casters.

Optional accessories:

Zoom obiective: f=200-300mm

External camera system: spectrometer SLR

digital camera(including adapter)

Digital camera Wireless camera system

Display(including bracket)

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