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C-PUMA Dental electrical motors

Technical: Power:120w Speed range:2000rpm40000rpm (1:1) ? 100rpm-2500rpm(16:1) ? 10000rpm-200000rpm(1:5) LED maximum:> 25000lux Torque output:3.5N.CM Volume(cm):29X23X11 Weight(kg)/:2.3 PCSPacking material:carton QTY per master carton:8 pc/ctn ? ? ? ? ? ?


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1-Simple operating system
Connect the dental unit to the C Puma with a 4 holes tubing.use the foot pedal to control the electric motor.

2-The New-Gen of technology micromotor C – Puma
According to the different treatments and different handpieces,the speed can be adjusted from1OO 200,0OOrpm/min.

3-Compact and handy, high torque
Ergonomic designed length and weight greatly reduce the fatiguefrom long time operation, the motor can be sterilized.

This product has been applied layout-design patent,Counterfeit must be inve stigated;NO.ZL201430485143.7

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